Who to trust...
Who to trust...

" Betty Ong is the only one I trust when it comes to real estate and loans deal" Agnes Fernadez

A Registered Nurse.....

Can somebody service you in Real Estate at the same time you can be helped, guided & assisted on your health????what else.... one stop shop...... Marie C.

Bad Credit, Bankrupcy

"She helps us during our bad times, I was able to buy a house even with my bad credits" ------ J. Macarthy

Carmen D'Andrea

Betty Ong help me on time of my difficulty and save my house into forclusure. I will never forget her. And thank you very much for your help.

Experiece the difference..... M.J.

Experiece the difference..... M.J.

Experience wise....

"I will not deal with inexperience real estate person except Betty Ong" Henry Banaga Jr.


"We bought our house with a good deal from her and the interest rates was very low"--- L. Cano

For a difficult transactions......

I alway remember Betty Ong for difficult transactions and go back to her for service........ C. Orosa

How can it do wrong....

With all the years of experiences and services ... can you beat this person.... how can she do it wrong...cannot be....for heaven sake she is good........ Fely Tagum


Betty Ong is a HUD Real Estate Broker registered also all over the United States of America. Pick a forclusure house, commercial property, investment property and she will do all the papers works and loans.

more that 35 years as an RN & R.E agent

With more than 35 years services as a Registered Nurse and Real Estate Agent how can you beat that services....

Offer Full Services

Offer full services, tax preparer, notary public, loans, aside from real estate agent.
...... M. Jones.

One stop shop

Who would it be only Betty Ong Real Estate
with notary services, tax preparer, loan officer, also a registered nurse who is concerned with the individual, very personalized service...... Maury P.

Personalized services

She is the only one I know that at the middle of the night servicing real estate and signing contract on our home. Very convenient for us when we are working day time. Thank you very much Betty Ong........Lucy Buick

She is always there in times of emergency...

In times of needs she will always be there.....


Fast, reliable, aggressive and accurate services...... From EDEN ROLDAN

Very creative....

We compare her service to other and nobody can beat her services. Christina Legrama

Very helpful to everybody

"She help us when nobody can do our loans" ---- Mary J.